5 Free Open Source Video Editing Software In 2022

5 Free Open Source Video Editing Software In 2022
5 Free Open Source Video Editing Software In 2022

Nowadays, people rarely watch TV. With the development of the Internet, the use of social media and new technology is increasing rapidly.

You may be watching videos on social media like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok etc. Not only do you watch videos but you can also earn money by opening videos on YouTube channels.

You can also make money by posting videos on Facebook, but that feature is not yet available in Nepal. You are also thinking of making a video.

But you can’t accomplish your dream without free software. These five softwares can be used to edit videos for free.


This is open-source software. This software is available on Linux, Mac and Windows operating systems. In Open Shot, 3D animation, effects, audio edit, text edit, any part of the video can be cut, the background can be changed.

Windows Movie Maker

It can be used to add videos, photos, animations between photos, music, voice recordings, and animations. It is very easy.

This is great if you are editing a video for the first time. This software can only be used on Windows.

Hitfilm Express

This software can only be used on Windows and Mac. Although it is complicated to use at first, it is a great free video editing tool.


IMovie can only be used on Apple computers. It’s very easy.


You can edit audio, use key frames, use effects and edit any type of video in shortcut software. Click here to download this software .

Use these five free software. If you can’t buy and use the software, you can use it for free. Which are facilitated by the software available for purchase. These features are also included in this free software.