Welcome to GegreSoft – The Only Site Developed by Gegre Tech Groups from Birendranagar, Nepal. Working Since 1996-2021.

About GegreSoft:

GegreSoft was a Small computer service, repair Center, and Electronic Gadgets Shop that was located in Birendrangar, Nepal. Gegre Group serviced Birendranagar from 2007 to 2019.

Who We Are? What We Did Earlier?

We are the team of those computer users from the ’90s, who used computers without internet connection with too many unknown errors in the rural region. It’s hard to stick with Windows NT, Windows 95, Windows 98, etc. Operating systems before Windows XP expecting help in those errors sounds like a dream in those days (hahahahah does that sound like a joke??) but that was real. It was not that much easy as today’s internet surfing, quality software, and hardware. We used to surf Encarta 94 from CD Drive to get any information and became the hero in the region. But things changed, everything is on the internet now. So we planned to be online, We are not experts but We experienced many things from the 90s to the day today as computer users. So, we had developed this website to share our knowledge with all beginner computer users.

Our Mission:

The GegreSoft Mission is very simple to share windows guide, tech tricks, and knowledge we know from this website targeting whole Nepal and All Nepali users aiming to bring our people in tech and able to solve basic errors in computer systems.

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