Ukraine sells NFT to support military

Ukraine sells NFT to support military

Ukraine is selling NFTs to support its military. A non-fungible token (NFT) is a cryptographic token recorded on a blockchain.

It can tell who owns any digital thing. This is a new digital certificate that provides proof of who owns a photo, video or digital asset. It cannot be duplicated or swap.

Other people can take screenshots, tweet or download digital copies for free, but only the owner of the NFT owns the digital copy of the copyright. Any NFT on the blockchain stays safe, regardless of whether the content is lost, corrupted or deleted.

There are currently 54 NFTs on sale based on the first three days of the war. This NFT collection is called the Meta History Museum of War.

This illustration is made in collaboration with Ukrainian artists and international artists. Ukraine has received 100 million in cryptocurrency donations since the start of the war.

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